The five Councils participating in Hampshire Home Choice advertise social housing vacancies using the same system that operates as follows:

  • The Councils use a single IT system and website for registering applicants and advertising and allocating properties.
  • Each week the vacant social housing across the five Council areas is advertised on the Hampshire Home Choice website.
  • Applicants who are registered can bid on up to 3 properties they are interested in, either online or by phone.
  • All of the vacancies advertised through the scheme are owned by Winchester City Council or Registered Providers.
  • All of the Councils operate the same Hampshire Home Choice Allocations Framework.
  • The Hampshire Home Choice Allocations Framework is a jointly agreed policy. Along with the Hampshire Home Choice Operational Procedures which details all aspects of the allocation process, including the responsibility for decisions, policy on offering choice to applicants, how applications will be assessed, processed and how decisions will be made across the Hampshire Home Choice partnership.
  • Each Council will continue to maintain its own local authority Scheme of Allocations which may contain separate policies to address and reflect local priorities.