The following tells you how you can search for the average waiting times for properties by property type and size from each band.

There are additional search options which will filter the average waiting times for properties based on any age criteria set for the property or floor level of a flat or if the property is adapted or if pets are allowed.

The average waiting times are meant as an indication and do not mean you will be housed within these timescales. It is likely that the waiting times will vary during different periods.

1. Click on Properties and recent lets search.

2. Click on Average Waiting Time.

3. Select a period and location and click on Search. For more accurate and up to date waiting times select 6 months or 1 year.

4. Click on Refine results to choose more options.

5. You can select Bedrooms, Property Type and Band depending on your circumstances. This will give you more accurate average waiting times information depnding on your circumsatnces and the properties you are bidding on.

6. Click on More search options to choose more options.

7. You can select Floor Level, Pets Allowed or Adapted property depending on the type of properties you are interested in.

8. If you are interested in properties subject to a minimum age crtieria enter 55 or 60 or 65 depending on the properties you are interested in.

9. Properties not resticted to a minimum age crtieria will normally be advertised as minimum age of 18.

10. A Hex Map will be displayed telling you the average waiting time in weeks for a property based on the search options you have selected.